Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dana and Jamie's Elegant Pocket Card Invitations

Dana is a sweet bride who came to me earlier this year to talk about her and her fiancĂ©'s elegant, romantic military wedding. 

Dana and Jamie chose a pocket card invitation for their wedding suite. The invitation is on the front; the pocket in the back holds the insert and the RSVP.

The script font is Medusa.  I love the name, and I love that font. Just look at those swirls.

The block font is Bodoni SvtyTwo.

One thing I love about these invitations is the pop of sparkle we added behind it.

The insert and RSVP tucked so nicely into the pocket.

Congratulations, Dana and Jamie!

All images are from Casey and her Camera. Check out her website or visit her on FB here

Monday, June 23, 2014

Jeannette and Casen's Pink and Gray Wedding Invitations

YOU ALL. I am thrilled to be sharing this blog post with you today.

A few weeks ago, I met with Casey, from Casey and her Camera. I hauled a bunch of wedding invitation suites to her house and we spent a few hours setting them up in fun ways and snapping photos of them. Well, I mostly did the setting up. She did the snapping photos part.

This past weekend, Casey sent me the finished images. And I was so overly ecstatic about them that I looked at them about 4,000 times throughout the weekend. 

So I now begin a series of blog posts where I don't post and then semi-cringe because I know I can't take photos. I start doing justice to my brides and grooms and their individual unique tastes by showcasing their invitations in the best way possible. 

Starting today with Jeannette and Casen's wedding invitations. 

Jeannette and Casen's wedding has a really sweet, romantic style to it. Jeannette wanted to keep things simple, but elegant.

Jeannette initially wanted a floral design on their invitations, but we eventually decided on just using leaves.

Fonts are Currency Regular, Allegro, and Antipasto.

The pocket envelopes are one of my favorite things about this suite. They are sturdy and sure to stand out in your guests' mailboxes.

Congratulations, Jeannette and Casen!

All images are from Casey and her Camera. Check out her website or visit her on FB here