Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Amy Sayre Photography's Gift Cards

There are so many moments in life that are worth capturing.  Having access to a good photographer that can capture these moments is essential.  But what if you don't know of a photographer? Or what if you do know one, but just don't have the funds at the moment to pay for one? That's where today's project comes in. 

Last year, Amy from Amy Sayre Photography came to me because she wanted to make sure that she had gift certificates available for purchase. She gave me some wording and here's the finished product. 

So...I have to stop this display of photos (taken by Amy Sayre Photography) to draw your attention to the texture of these gate cards in Pecan Barque. Does paper get any better than this?

Amy wrapped each card with ribbon.

And put them in these box mailers from Rice Studio Supply.

All set and ready to be sent out to make some people very happy.

All images from Amy Sayre Photography.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rachelle's Baby Shower Invitations

This Saturday, we'll host a special event at my parent's house. One of my cousins is expecting a baby - the same cousin that I did these Christmas card/"We're Pregnant!" announcements for - and we're throwing her a shower.

My mom and I get excited about planning showers, so we pretty much immediately offered to team up with my cousin's mom and sister (my aunt and cousin, obvi) to help plan the shower. We got together and talked about the theme and what we would do, and then we divided all of the tasks up. Naturally, I was in charge of most of the paper products (I may have said something like, "uhhh...I'll do paper. Please don't make me cook."). 

So the first paper product were the invitations. Here they are. 

Will I pair gray with everything until the day it goes out of style (and then maybe even some more)? Yes.

Fonts are Chunk Five, Champagne and Limousines, and Allura.

It's always fun to have something to celebrate, and have a good excuse to get together with family.  Many more fun baby shower paper products to come. :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fiscal Fitness Pheonix Infographic - How to Make a Budget

Let's break away from all wedding related things for a second. I have to show off something that I just recently finished working on with Kelsa from Fiscal Fitness Phoenix. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I helped Kelsa rebrand Fiscal Fitness Phoenix last year. I've loved all of the projects we've worked on, but this particular one has impacted me personally.

This infographic is the method that Kelsa teaches to all of the people that come to her in need of financial counseling. It is Fiscal Fitness Phoenix's way of budgeting and it's the reason why so many people described Kelsa's business as enlightening, top-notch, and empowering. 

This budget is life-changing. I know because shortly after I skyped with Kelsa to get the information for this infographic, I convinced my husband to completely re-budget our finances using the Fiscal Fitness Phoenix way. Even if you think you have everything together with finances, I would encourage you to take a look and see how this method of budgeting could radically transform your finances.