Monday, July 25, 2011

Austin and Erin's Wedding Invites

Oh, this weekend was fun. My husband and I attended a wedding here, which I happen to think is a truly memorable and beautiful place to have a wedding. It's located right by Traverse City and is just the perfect up-north wedding experience.

We came back home on Sunday afternoon and I ended the weekend laughing with one of my favorite groups of women in the world over cheese and chocolate fondue. Seriously, does it get any better?

For you, my friends, it does.

Today we're looking at some wedding invitations. (I can hear you celebrating...I'm so glad you're excited.)

Erin contacted me a few months ago to ask about wedding invitations. She is the future sister-in-law of a friend from our church. I met with her and her fiance one Saturday morning and I just liked them right away. They were laid back and had great style. They are getting married in September at a house on a lake. Ahhhh. Beautiful.

They played with the color wheel for a little bit and then decided on the perfect patterned paper for their wedding invitation. Here's the final product:

I hope you enjoy how I strategically placed the pieces of the invite around the addresses...this is because I do not own (nor will I be purchasing any time soon, unless I win a large amount of money) Adobe Photoshop so I wasn't sure how to blur them out. Beware: this will happen with all of my photographs.

Do you see the addition to the picture? I had a little visitor as I was taking this photo.

We decided to pull in a green color (called green tea, actually) with the RSVP card and I added the green to the RSVP envelope to pull the whole invitation suite together.

I really loved the tree that Erin picked out for the invitation. It just fits so well with their fall wedding. I think she has great taste and I am excited to see how she brings that taste into her wedding (which means that I'm planning on floating by on a tube at just the right time when they're getting married :)). 

Congratulations, Erin and Austin!


  1. Jenny, you can download a free program called picasa that lets you do all kinds of editing stuff including blocking out addresses. just google it.

  2. Ohh, I like these a lot. That's going to be a beautiful wedding. I love the tree & the "green tea" color!

  3. I am getting closer to nailing down an actual date and location of my wedding. And it may involve fall and trees and Michigan, so I absolutely love these invites.

  4. these look amazing! love 'em!

    p.s. I would TOTALLY come to your Bachelorette party :)