Monday, August 15, 2011

Reception Weekends

This past weekend, my brother Jeff and his new wife Ashley traveled to Michigan so we could celebrate their wedding here. You might remember that they got married in Virginia in May. Well, we wanted to have a small celebration for them up here in Michigan, too. And naturally, my mother hired me to do the invitations. :)

Here they are. Simple, printed on a piece of white card stock, and made ever so beautiful with the lovely picture Jeff and Ashley let me borrow (credit goes to Mike Topham Photography).

Please note that I (kind of - there has to be an easier way than what I did) figured out how to blur out the address. A big thanks to my cousin Rachelle for introducing me to Picasa when I was wallowing in self pity about not having Photoshop.  

To top off the reception festivities, I used this idea from Pinterest:

Only I made it my very own by combining the two cards into one:

I had a blast with my family this weekend and I'm super excited that the wedding reception fun continues this next weekend when I fly down to ATL for this lady's wedding reception. I'll be back next week to show off the programs I made for that spectacular event. Try to contain your excitement until then... :)

But I can't end this blog post without taking a look at how things are progressing on my August Fun List. Here it is with many more items crossed off:

Yay! As the August continues on (way too fast...), I think I'll show off some of the things I've been doing from the list (specifically the pinterest inspired idea that turned into several pinterest inspired ideas). 

I have some classy (and I do mean classy) projects coming up in the next few weeks that I'm really excited about. Here's a little sneak peak:

I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their summer and that it's not going by too fast for you!

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  1. I love love love that 5 things you should know about the bride and groom. That will be happening at my wedding.