Sunday, February 27, 2011

Babies (Part II)

A few words about my mother-in-law, Cathy.

From the moment I told her I was starting a business, she's been 100% supportive. I remember when I first told her about it. I started off by sharing what I was doing and how I was intending on doing it. She seemed excited for me, just like any mother-in-law would.

But then I told her I was naming the business after her granddaughter and her excitement level went through the roof. If she hadn't already decided she would be supportive, she was fully on board now. That evening I think I received about three emails from her with different projects she would like me to do. If there was a way she could help me, she was going to do it. I was (and still am) oh-so-thankful.

One of the projects was to make invitations for a baby shower she was involved in throwing. Josh and Amanda are the son and daughter-in-law of one of her closest friends, Ines, and they were having a baby girl.

What I loved about this project was that it was my first lesson in simplicity. I realized that when you're working with a good paper product, you can make a beautiful invitation with very little material. Here's the finished product...

So simple. I love it.

We liked the color combination of green and brown and then we decided to add in an orange-ish/pink color ('persimmon', to be exact :)) with the envelope. I threw in the cute little bird with a funky paisley print on him and we had our little baby shower invite! I loved it because it said "it's a girl" without being

So congratulations to Josh and Amanda and thank you again to my mother-in-law for letting me play a (small) part in their baby shower! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Babies (Part I)

I met Melissa when I worked at my old job. Let me be honest about one thing. When I first met her, she intimidated me. My reasons were twofold:

1. She had been working there for a really long time and knew everyone (Yes, think back to high school here - "I'm intimidated because she's more popular than me." Except I was in my mid-twenties.).
2. She had a rock on her finger that was practically the size of my fist. I remember going over to her desk when she first got engaged and practically gasping at the sight of that thing. Intimidating!

So when Melissa's desk was moved next to mine, it was a pleasant surprise that I actually had no reason to be intimidated by her at all. She was funny (with an infectious laugh), loyal, a team player, and enjoyed a good Bon Qui Qui video on a Friday afternoon as much as the rest of us did. 

All this to say that when Melissa asked me to help with her baby shower invitations, I gladly accepted. In fact, I was so excited that I had to text a mutual friend, Debbie, with the following:

"Mel is going to get invitations from me. Yay for my first official client!"

Only I accidently sent the text straight to Melissa. Humiliating. 

Luckily, Melissa dealt with it ever so gracefully, telling me how happy she was that I was doing them. God bless her.

So here is the final product. Melissa picked a beautiful polka dot panel that I absolutely love. I matched a couple of colors with it and we had ourselves a baby shower invitation. 

Once the invitation was done, we had to pull it all together by printing the envelopes too. I used the same fonts that were on the actual invitation - Scriptina and Optimus Princeps (two of my favorites).

Melissa wanted an invitation that was clearly for a little baby boy, but had her style and personality. I think we accomplished just that. She has great style and I absolutely loved doing these invitations for her. 

Thanks for being an awesome first client, Mel!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's so close to being done I can't even stand it.

It's COMING! And I'm so excited and equally nervous all at once. Because once you have a website, you have to do something with it...and that's just scary. I actually have to market it! How the heck am I supposed to do that?!

I'm too nervous about this so I will stop writing. Instead I'll post a precious picture of Vivian Elle, in honor of the website almost being ready.

I bought her this purple vest. I like case you couldn't already tell by my blog.