Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kendra's Wedding Extras

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fathers Day weekend. I wasn't able to get a post up last week, so I thought I'd post twice this week. I mean, I received hundreds of emails/comments asking where my post was from last week, so I'm just trying to give the people what they want.

**Awkward silence.**

(In actuality, I received no emails/comments asking where last weeks' post was.)

In honor of Father's Day, before I get into Kendra's wedding extras, I'd like to share a conversation I had with my dad just this past weekend. 

My dad and I try to go out to lunch once each month, just the two of us. Our conversation is usually about one of the following things: family history, any interesting cases he is working on (he's an attorney), or who we would give our possessions to in the event that we die an untimely death. 

We ate at a local Japanese steakhouse that is literally less than a fourth of a mile from my new house.  After lunch, we get in the car, and in the two minute car ride back to the house, the conversation that started out with my dad suggesting I read both 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 transitioned into this:

Dad: "Sometime in your generation, the government is going to completely take over. My advice to you? I have property up on a mountain in Tennessee. Go there, where they can't find you."

(Dad and Jennifer pull into Jennifer's driveway.)

Dad: "Alright, thanks for lunch! Love you!"

I'm still so confused.

But seriously, I simultaneously think my dad is the coolest and craziest guy I know. He is kind of like if you mixed Ron Swanson with Atticus Finch. He is a great dad and I'm fortunate to have him.

But I'm here to talk about a wedding. 

You may have read about Kendra and Bob's ombré wedding invitations here. Kendra and Bob live in NYC, but had their wedding a few weeks ago here in Michigan. They really wanted to bring a lake feel to their paper products, but do it ever so subtly. Kendra thought that bringing ombré into the paper products would be a great way to do it.  We did this with their wedding invitations and then it was time to focus on their wedding extras. 

(To clarify - wedding extras are things like programs, menus, place cards, seating charts, table numbers, favor tags...any paper products that you would use on your wedding day.)

We had three extras to think about - menus, programs, and place cards. Kendra, Bob, Kendra's mom, and I all met together one morning to talk about everything. Kendra knew exactly what she wanted and it was my job to bring her vision to life. 

First, the wedding menus.

Instead of having the ombré design on each individual menu (like we did with the invitations), Kendra wanted to actually have each menu printed on a different shade of blue card stock. When the menus were placed around the table, they would create an ombré effect.

How great is it that she wanted to use the outline of Michigan on the menus? And how fantastic does this food look?

Next up, her programs.

We only used three colors for the programs. Kendra was going to have these placed on the back of each chair so when you walked into the room, it would be a sea of blue.

Each program was a tri-fold so we had plenty of room to put everything that Kendra wanted to include in it.

We put the basic information on the front of the program.

When you opened it up, there was a quote that one of Kendra and Bob's close friends had written for their wedding day.

When the program was opened, you had the wedding party on the far left, the ceremony in the middle, and a thank you from Kendra and Bob on the final page.

Lastly, we made place cards in the same colors as we did the menus.

On the front was the guest's name and their table (the table names were Motown singers/groups...loved that). The back told which meal their guest had chosen.

Notice my foot in that one?

Kendra was one of the most creative brides to work with and I enjoyed working on her wedding so much. Congratulations, Kendra and Bob!


  1. love this Jenny! you pulled the ombre off flawlessly! it looks stunning!

  2. You have made me an ombre aficionado. These all look so wonderful, and I can imagine how they transformed her wedding space. Just so pretty.

    As for the story about your dad, I found it not the least bit shocking. I can totally picture your dad saying that, no segue way necessary. Please let him know that I will be running to the hills of Tennessee as well when the government takeover happens.

  3. I'm with Amy! Save me a space on the mountain & let's hope the government isn't reading your blog so they won't suspect our plans! :p

    Loved all of these! It did make me a little hungry reading the menu, though. AWEsome job as always Jenny!