Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Amy and Mike's Baby Announcements

My best friend, Amy, and her husband, Mike, had a baby boy.  And he is just too delightful for words. 

There's just something about this little guy that is so wonderfully perfect that I actually thought for the first time when I was holding him this past weekend that maybe I finally understand what it means to have baby fever.

And then I made the mistake of telling my mom this and she was so excited she posted it on Facebook. :/ :/

(My mom wants herself some grand babies.)

But my feelings towards babies will need to take a back seat because right now it is so much fun seeing my best friend and her husband so incredibly happy with their new addition.

So when Amy came to me to have some baby announcements made up for her new little son, I gladly obliged.  Because it's clear that when you have a baby this cute, you should declare every little inch of him to the world.

We used Learning Curve Pro to tell the world that Timmy entered it and that all of his features are perfect.

A million congratulations to Amy and Mike!

All images are from Casey and her Camera. Check out her website or visit her on FB here

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