Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flower Girl

I love weddings.

As I've grown and moved past the time in my life when I planned my own wedding, I've wondered why I still hold this great love for all things wedding.

I started thinking about my own history in weddings. I've played different roles over the years. I've been a punch server (a running joke in college because of my mother's "try-outs" for her own punch server), a bridesmaid, an honorary bridesmaid, and a piano player (dreadful). But when I think about my time spent in weddings, I often forget where it all started. Today I stumbled upon a collage frame of this blessed event and it brought me so much joy that I had to share it here.

I present to you me, as a flower girl in my Uncle Tim's wedding (circa 1988...maybe?) :

I don't know if I only remember this day from pictures or if I really remember it, but it went down as one of my favorite days as a child. I loved everything about it. I loved that I got to dress up in what I thought was the best dress ever. I loved getting to carry my little basket of flowers down the aisle. I loved how my hair was done and I loved the flowers in my hair. And of course, I thought that my uncle and aunt were the best looking bride and groom I'd ever seen.

(I must insert here that it wasn't until much later in my life that I looked back at pictures from this wedding and realized that my Aunt Sheryl sported a dress with puffy sleeves and a butt bow. Classic 80s.)

It's been twenty-some years since the wedding and I still remember those emotions. How much more will I remember exactly how I felt at my own wedding? Isn't that reason enough to make sure that it really is the most fabulous day?


I loved the wedding. I love the memories. Thanks for giving them to me, Uncle Tim and Aunt Sheryl.

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  1. What about me?? Every flower girl needs a sidekick!