Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Wedding Trends

I spend a considerable amount of time checking on the latest trends in weddings. I'd like to offer my brides suggestions that are current and inspiring, not outdated and lame. The other day I spent about 3 solid hours looking at photos on The Knot. I am not ashamed. It was awesome.

So I figured I'd put all of that hard work to good use and let you all in on some of my personal favorite trends of 2011.  They are all great. I love them and I think you should too.

Trend #1
(If you know me, you know how very much I loved putting this wonderfully colored palette together.)

1. If you choose to have kids at your wedding, this cute little favor is perfect for keeping them occupied. And it's presented in a way that's so not kiddish.
2. This is just the best thing ever. If I were getting married tomorrow (and enjoyed playing pool), this would be seen at my reception.
3. A pretty way to display your seating chart. And I'm partial to outdoor weddings so it makes me happy.
4. Please, someone call me up and have me make these for you right now. Simply amazing.
5. So simple and modern. And I think lime green is my favorite. color. ever.
6. I am giddy just looking at this picture. How great is it?! So great. That is the only acceptable answer.
7. I'm in love with this type of font and extra in love with the fact that I can download so many like it for free. If you know how expensive fonts can be, you will appreciate that.
8. Oh, how I love orange. These programs are adorable and double as fans for your guest for those hot summer weddings.

And one more that was so awesome that it needed a space of its own.

Amen, and amen. We're all done here.

Trend #2

I love that I'm about to say this next statement as if I am an authority on wedding trends.

Grey is the new brown.

Take it in.  Accept it as truth.

A few combinations to try:
1. Grey/Purple. Not only are these colors adorable, the letters are adorable. Also, I need to immediately make a cake just like the one in the picture. The problem is that mine would inevitably fall apart and even though it would look like a completely hot piece of mess, I would still serve it because it was a Paula Deen and I knew it would taste good. Yes, this has happened to me on multiple occasions and it's a good reason why you shouldn't ever ask me to make your wedding cake. 
2. Grey/Green-ish. I love the simplicity of this menu card, as well as the fork/knife/spoon artwork at the top. 
3. Grey/Pink. This color combo is just so pretty. And though I am in no way the least bit scientific, I think this is a super cool idea for table numbers. 

Trend #3
Modern with a vintage twist

1. Add a little vintage twist to your tables with these super cute table numbers. You could use vintage postcards from places that are significant to you and your honey.
2. Bravo to whoever came up with this idea. It's so light and airy and is perfect for a spring wedding. You could either hand these out as favors for guests (vintage napkins tucked inside) or have guests write a wedding wish for you and your new hubby and leave it inside one of these vintage envelopes.
3. I'm not going to lie. I have no clue what this is, but I love it.
4. Super cute place cards. This would be a great DIY project.
5. Adorable little vintage flowers. You could line a walkway with these for a garden wedding.  Or line your aisle with them. Oh...I like that idea even more.

Trend #4
How can I mention wedding trends without mentioning that yellow is IN this year. I'm seeing it a lot in invitations. Here's just one pretty little picture from a happy, yellow wedding.

OK, let's do another. Even though only one of these is yellow, let's just add it in here. I think this idea is so cool. SO cool. I love it a lot. It makes me want to make a project out of it and hang these in my entryway, because it's really not only on your wedding day that you should remember all of the awesome things about your significant other, right? Right. 

I have nothing more to say. Happy Wedding Season!


  1. Gray is the new neutral. This is coming from a woman with a gray bedroom. Also, I am pretty sure my wedding colors will include yellow. I figure I can't have a destination wedding on the beach and not have yellow be a color. It's just too happy.

  2. next time I get married, I'm totally going to... oh wait, just kidding. :) Still loved the post, even if no weddings are in my future... you know until all four daughters get hitched :)

  3. know what's up! Love all the insight & ideas!