Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brynne and Shawn's Lace Wedding Invitations

One of the coolest things about doing wedding invitations is meeting some really awesome brides. I spent the first year of my business wondering when I was going to get that one bride that was just a complete bridezilla. Someone that made me want to chuck my computer across the room and swear off wedding invitations forever.

I hadn't met one yet. 

Until I met Brynne. 

TOTALLY KIDDING. Wouldn't that have been the worst thing ever if I was serious?

No. No. No. Brynne is the best. Seriously.

Brynne reminds me of why I love working with brides.  I get to develop a relationship with them. We email back and forth and we work out different things and I get to work with them for a really long time. And I'm always amazed at just how gracious and kind and lovely they are.

Brynne and I are currently working on a ton of extras for her wedding, but first, we had to get an invitation out. And Brynne definitely had some big plans for her invitations.

The invitations are on plain pieces of ecru card stock, backed with a textured cream card stock, wrapped in lace and ribbon, covered with eggplant tissue paper and placed into an ivory boxed mailer from the Paper Source.

I LOVED this lace.

The custom frame was made just for Brynne and Shawn, and we used it in different parts of the invitation.

Fonts are Trajan Pro and Baroque Antique Script.

Directions, Hotel Information, and Reception cards (which we called 'Festivities and Merriment').

The little RSVP card.

Here's a picture of the finished product. Brynne (and company) wrapped them with a bow and then I made little tags that she had a calligrapher write each guest's name on. I cannot say enough how gorgeous I think the boxed mailers are, and what Brynne and her crew did to the outside made them even better!

Believe me, there's more of Brynne still to come in September when we finish her extras. Which is great, because she's a delight. :)

Before I go, can I just show you the newest finished spot in our house that I am currently obsessing over?

It's our new frame wall and it's on the wall that leads up to our second floor.

I could seriously just stare at it all day. This was a project that I finished up around the first week of July. It involved spray painting a lot of frames. I'd say about half of these frames were black at the beginning of this process.

I just love how they cascade down the wall. I actually tripped going up these stairs yesterday. I think it was because I was distracted by the frames.

I've started designing some art work for our walls. I was trying to think of a quote that I felt really defined Luke and I so I went with this one that I found on Pinterest - "If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it." I think it fits our lives nicely and I was really excited about it.

Enter my brother. "Jenny, this quote is stupid. I mean, you could get eaten by a shark or something."

Whatever, Scott. Whatever.

I still like my quote and my frame wall and I still love all of the invitations I'm doing this month. :) I have so many more to share in the coming weeks!

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  1. this look awesome!! you're quite the interior designer! ;)