Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ashley's Hostess Brunch Invitations

This is a blog post about Ashley, who happens to be my sister-in-law. More specifically, it's about postcards that Ashley had me design for a brunch that she's hosting.

You see, Ashley works full time AND sells Premier Designs Jewelry. She works Premier like it's nobody's business. She's very determined and does several shows a month. Here she is advertising her business, in a photo that has made me laugh no less than 16 times.

The clip art beret kills me. 

At this time next week I will be in Virginia with Ashley and my brother, Jeff, and we will be so delighted to see each other (since I get to see them about twice a year now) that maybe we will do this:

(Is it just me or was TGIF the best thing ever in the early 90s?)

Ashley's drive is only one of the things that is so great about her. If she says she's going to do something, she does it, and she does it well. She is well spoken and professional, but can also be ridiculously goofy with me, which is something I consider to be of utmost importance in any relationship. Above everything else, she is a great complement to my brother, and I'm thankful that she is a part of our family.

All this to say, I love Ashley and was more than happy to help her out with these postcards. Since she has her own Premier Designs jewelry business, she has a bunch of hostesses that have done jewelry shows for her. She wanted to have a brunch to show her appreciation to them and wanted to make it Parisian themed (is anyone else thinking about the Parisian shower in Bridesmaids?), so we came up with these postcards.

We thought the pink stripes were very Parisian and I loved the addition of the Eiffel Tower as the 'A'.

Placard Condensed and Lavanderia were the fonts we used for the front of the postcard.

On the back, we have all of the information needed, and we used the same fonts and added Bodoni SvtyTwo ITC for the basic wording of the invitation.

I love the way that the gold looked with the pink, and I love the little chandelier behind 'Parisian Getaway'!

Postcards are a great way to invite people to a party, announce your new baby, or announce that you moved. I love the simplicity of just stamping them and sticking them in the mail. I loved Ashley's vision and I am so glad she contacted me to carry it out!

Next week I have some really cool, modern (inspired by West Elm) wedding invitations that I can't wait to show!


While looking for a YouTube video to accurately describe how excited I am to see Ashley and Jeff, I also came across this gem of a video. Please enjoy.


  1. I just knew that was going to be a friends clip as soon as I saw you posted another one. And then I watched it twice.

    Also, those are the most beautiful postcards I have ever seen. The Eiffel tower as the A might be my favorite thing, but I also love the pink and gold color scheme. Tres magnifique!

  2. These invites are enough to make me jump in my Carriage KIA car & drive 8 hours to crash the Parisian brunch! So adorable! They totally beat the butterfly flying out of a box invites too! :p