Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bethany's Shower Invitations

You might as well get used to Bethany because you'll be seeing a lot of her in the next couple of months on the blog. Not only have I worked on the two shower invitations you'll see in this blog post, but I also have done her rehearsal dinner invites, bachelorette party invites, and will do all of the extras for her wedding in October. 

Bethany's family is very special to me, but they're a family that I don't get to see much anymore. When Bethany's mom, Carolyn, came to me and asked if I would help them with several different extras for the wedding, I was happy not just to be able to do more of what I love, but do it for people that I don't get to see nearly enough. 

So I met with Carolyn, Bethany, and Bethany's fiancĂ©, Devin, one afternoon and we talked about all of the different things they'd like me to do for the wedding. First up, we needed to take care of the shower invitations. Bethany was having two showers that Carolyn wanted to do the invitations for. 

For shower #1, you just need to know one thing about Bethany - the girl loves her shoes. The family friend that threw the shower for her knew this and incorporated it into the theme of the shower. We decided to follow suit with the shower invitations.

We thought we'd keep it simple with the silhouette of a shoe in the corner and a little bling at the bottom.  (I've used that diamond is so many of Bethany's things now that I refer to it as the "Bethany diamond.")

I used Channel for Bethany's name and Foglihten for the rest of the invite.

Bethany picked out red envelopes to wrap everything up nicely. :) 

For shower numero two, Carolyn had found an invitation on Etsy by Cards Etcetera that she really liked, and wanted to do something similar.  

(um...pause to mention that Vivian Elle has an Etsy shop opening in October!!! what what) 

We used the same concept, but I changed up the fonts and added a little something something at the bottom. Here's what we came up with for shower #2. 

I feel like I could gush all day about this invitation and it wouldn't seem arrogant because I didn't come up with it. :)

Fonts are Doris Day, Channel, and Context Reprise for the "She Said Yes," Channel for Bethany's name, and Optimus Princeps for the rest of the invite.

This is just the beginning, folks. I'm so excited about the other projects that we're working on for Bethany and can't wait to show them off! :)


  1. Etsy shop in October!?!? What WHAT indeed. Love these both. Of course.

    1. Vivian Elle's Christmas Collection is about to be revealed! Don't worry, I've already put you down for 300 Christmas cards (that I chose for you).

  2. Love the shoe...and the Bethany diamond! Great job, Jenny! Counting down the days until the Vivian Elle etsy shop is unveiled!

  3. Channel is one of my favorite fonts :)