Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jaime and Dan's Wedding Extras

Remember Jaime? If not, let's recap. 

I did Jaime's Save the Dates early last year.

And then I did a little shower invite for her.

And then came the wedding invitation.

(which was then made into stone as a wedding gift to them - how cool is that?)

Photo by Art Light Photography

And then came the wedding thank you postcards. 

Well, I also did some fun wedding extras for Jaime's wedding that happened back in August, but I hadn't shown them yet. Well, folks, today is the day. Hurrah!

Jaime and Dan had a backyard wedding (something a little near and dear to my heart), so she just needed a couple of items to keep her day running efficiently. First up, we did a program...but not your standard run of the mill program.

Photo by Art Light Photography
Instead of printing out 100 different programs that would be passed out, we did a poster sized program for the guests to read as they walked in.

Photo by Art Light Photography
It had the ceremony order, the wedding party, and a sweet thank you from Jaime and Dan to their guests.

Because of the nature of their wedding, one thing Jaime and Dan had to deal with were those beautiful porta-potties we all are so fond of. So to make that a little more tolerable, Jaime wanted me to make some cute bathroom signs, using photos of her and Dan when they were little.

(sorry for the super dark photos - these were taken by yours truly)

We used the same fonts, artwork, and colors to tie their invitation into their wedding day. Font is Currency Regular.

That's it! Jaime kept everything so simple and easy and fun, as usual. :)

More wedding extras to come next week!

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