Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bethany and Devin's Wedding Extras

There is one font that I purchased last year that I believe changed my life forever.

Beloved blog readers, I introduce you to my new best friend:

Isn't she so ridiculously beautiful? The only acceptable answer is yes. And hark! You, too, can purchase this beauty here (beware...she's not exactly free). 

It was love at first sight for me and right when I purchased Samantha Script, I knew she was perfect for one wedding in particular - Bethany and Devin's. 

Bethany is the sweet bride who you may remember from here and here. Her wedding was coming up and we needed to get some extras done. Specifically, programs, a seating chart, table numbers, and a memory card to put on the tables. 

So I set out to design some wedding extras to fit Bethany's glamorous day. I'll roll them out here, real wedding style. You should note that all of the photos were done by New Song Photography, a photo business owned by a girlfriend from way back in my youth group days (this is so far back now, that I shall not reference how many years. it's been a while, let's just leave it at that). 

Let's start with the programs. 

(Thank you, unidentifiable hand model.)

The programs were simple - 4x11 metallic card stock, front and back. Bethany saw the quote, "Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tail" from one of the other weddings I did so we used that for her progams, too.

You may remember the "Bethany Diamond" that I used in her rehearsal dinner invites. Well, I kind of took that and made a little monogram out of it and we used it on several of the extras.
Like on the seating chart, which was my favorite seating chart yet.

And on the meaningful favor cards that we put at every table.

I absolutely love when couples choose to do this in lieu of traditional favors. As a guest, I can't say I've ever been disappointed to see money go towards a cause instead of towards a little favor (and let me be clear that I do love an edible treat). 

And here are the table numbers (notice the adorable holders that Bethany's mom picked up for them). 

Fun fact about fonts: they come with these things called glyphs. See the little ornaments framing the table number above? Those are glyphs. See the little swirl coming off of the e in table? That's a glyph, too. Any of the lavish swirls or little ornaments you see in the photos above are basically in addition to your purchase of a font. 

So that's it for Bethany. Next week I'll post on a few different days so I can finish up with wedding extras from last year and move onto my 2013 projects. Stay tuned. :) 


  1. Yes, it was a beautiful wedding! Not to mention a fun reception! Didn't miss the favor or even the photo booth. Family wedding are always fun, but I think all who were there had a great time! Of course, the Daddy-daughter dance was NOT traditional. All the little touches with the notes, etc. were very nice. Great job!!

    1. I did hear about the non-traditional daddy daughter it!