Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hollie and William's Pink and Mint Gate Cards

So, I'm participating in the Novi Bridal Expo next weekend. Because of this, a large portion of my time has been taken up preparing for that (it's my first bridal show!). So, will you forgive me for the lack of writing that has been in my blog posts lately? I'm convinced that people just want to see a pretty invitation, so that's what I'm gonna give you today. I want to cry because I love Hollie and William's invitation so much.

I've been doing more and more gate cards lately.

You know, cards that open up like this.


And here's the really exciting part - these gate cards contain a very special new font. 

Ladies and gentlemen (do any gentlemen even read this blog?), I present to you my new script font, Bombshell Pro.

It is such a sweet font - perfect in light pink.

The block font is Neo Retro Fill (also new AND free :)).

So, there you have it. Hollie and William's pink and mint gate card. This invite, along with so many more, will  be on display at the Novi Bridal Expo next Saturday and Sunday (the PERFECT V-Day date :)). Stop by and see us!

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