Monday, March 21, 2011


It's here. It's here! It's HERE!!!

I am ever-so-excited to announce my brand new website, Vivian Elle Invitations!

(Lots of loud cheering and celebration inserted here.)

Not only did I get a new website this week, but my little blog got a makeover too. So, it's been a pretty good week for Vivian Elle Invitations, I'd say.

I have to give credit to the wonderful and fabulous designer that took on Vivian Elle Invitations as a project - Danielle Moss//Graphic Design and Photography.  She designed the site, I love it, and I all but asked her to be my best friend in the process. Seriously, if you are ever in need of a "blog site" or even just a really cool personal blog, go visit her. She'll hook you up. (Also, while you're visiting her website, check out how many times she featured my site. She kept saying how much she liked it, but I thought she just said that to all of her customers!)

So, please. Take a look around Vivian Elle Invitations. I can really take no credit for it (except for telling Danielle a few things I liked/didn't like when we first started) but I am 100% completely satisfied with the result.

Now on to marketing this thing (I'm on it!) and posting more invitations I've been working on. Vivian Elle Invitations is officially in business!

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