Thursday, June 2, 2011

Class of 2011

I graduated in 1999. 1999. In other words, last century.

Working on a project for Kate, a sweet girl who is just graduating from high school, reminded me over and over that I am...well...not as young as I think I am.

I was reminded of this 75 times as I printed off each graduation announcement for her.

You are old. You are old. You are old. You are old.

But how can I be old? It feels like just yesterday that I was the one graduating from high school. It feels like I was just posing in pictures with friends in my cap and gown. It feels like I was just going to visit colleges, taking my final exams, and taking those final trips with friends over the summer.

It was a great time and when I reflected back on my own high school experience as I put together her announcements, I smiled as I realized that this was just the beginning for her. I remember thinking my life was over as I cried in my driveway, hugging my four closest high school friends. And then it just kept getting better and better. As I worked on these graduation announcements, I said a prayer that life would be the same for Kate.

So here is Kate's graduation announcement. Her family has been very special to Luke and I over the years and I was more than happy to make her graduation announcements when her mom asked me to.

The front...

(I have to stop and say that I took these photos, which means they are not in any way professional. These invitations will be sent to the one and only Amy Sayre, who will take photos of them that are way better than what you're seeing here.)

The back...

Is the black and white flowered card stock not the cutest thing ever? 

This little graduation party invite was tucked into the Portable Pocket, along with one of Kate's senior pictures. 

A huge thanks to Kate's mom, Donna, for letting me play a small part in her daughter's graduation. :)

Congratulations to Kate and all of the 2011 graduates!


  1. I L-O-V-E the return address!!

  2. I'll keep my eyes on the mailbox. I can't wait to see how great these look in person! And yeah, I think I too was crying as we stood in your driveway.