Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jackson's Birthday Party

If you have followed my blog at all, you know that I have a niece named Vivian Elle. She is precious. I love her and will now share a picture of her, just for fun:

Oh, sweet little thing.

But Vivian has other members in her family too. Let me introduce you to her older brother, Jackson:

Jackson will be 3 this month. He is an adorable little boy. He likes making up games. He loves to read. He calls me Uncle Jenny and then laughs at himself. And he is seriously the most well spoken almost-3-year-old I know.

Together, Jackson and Vivian have bumped me from the "Not sure if I'll ever not be awkward around children" stage to the "Kids are the greatest (in moderation)!" stage. (Whether or not I ever make it to the "I need me a baby!" stage is still TBD.)

But on to the invitations...

My sister-in-law came to me last month and asked if I'd make invitations for Jackson's 3rd birthday party. He was going to have a rocket themed party and she gave me this blog post as inspiration.

My mind started racing. I went over a million different ways that I could do the invitation in my head. I was genuinely so excited to make them. I mean, it's my nephew's 3rd birthday party. They had to be good.

At this point, I really wanted to go into the entire process of making this invitation, but I opted instead to  give you the highlights:

-Ordered green and blue (Envelopments!) card stock to start the invitations.
-Decided to try to find a patterned piece of paper to add another dimension to the invite.
-Couldn't find patterned paper at Hobby Lobby...or Michael's...or Joann's.
-Couldn't find a rocket ship cutout to use.
-Became frustrated.
-Borrowed a Cricut from my mom.
-Made 15 star cutouts and 15 '3' cutouts in about 5 minutes.
-Found patterned card stock in old pile from about five years ago.
-Did celebratory jig around kitchen.
-Assembled invitations.

I can honestly say that this project was one of my harder ones (most likely because of the expectations I put on myself - envisioning my nephew harboring bitter feelings well into his old age because his auntie didn't put together an invitation that he loved). But it was also one of the projects I was most satisfied with in the end.

Here is Jackson to display the final product for you:

He never told me if he liked them or not, but I think he seems pretty pleased in the pictures. :)

Here are some close-ups, taken courtesy of my brother-in-law:

The font is so fun (it's called Stereofidelic) and I adore the wording. RSVP to Star Command? Please. Too cute.

The next picture is my favorite. I thought my brother-in-law was just going to take a couple of quick shots of the invitation, but no. His creativity kicked in and he came up with this little gem of a picture:

Jackson has been talking about his rocket party for a while now - may it be just as much fun as he's hoped it would be!

To end this blog post, I want to introduce you to the newest member of Jack and Viv's family. Here is little Charleston. He's just two and a half months old and as cute as can be.

Oh, and little Charlie's already told me that he wants me to do all of his birthday party invitations. It was amazing...truly a miracle. A two and a half month old that chose to talk only to make this one request...what an advanced child! :)

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