Thursday, June 30, 2011


An actual post about a project is just not going to happen this week. Though I'm off for a few weeks until I teach at a local community college summer program, I've still managed to pack as many things into my time off as I can, including designing for upcoming weddings. That's what has been taking up my time and I've loved it.

So while I meant to write a heartfelt blog about my brother's wedding and the extras that I did for it, instead I will write about something that has become near and dear to my heart: Pinterest.

If you don't know what this is, maybe it's time you checked out Pinterest. First, let me explain how to pronounce it. Think 'interest' with a 'p' - pinterest. I say this because I am pretty sure I pronounced it wrong the first hundred times I said it ("so have you heard of that new pin-TER-est site?").

Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for anything - your house, clothes, books, parties, artwork, weddings. Anything. You can scroll through hundreds of pictures and save ones you like under your "pins".  So I'm able to find some great inspiration for invitations, among other things, and catalog all of them so I can easily access them in the future.

So I thought that this week I'd share some really cool wedding ideas I've found recently. I love each of them very very much. I'm so inspired by others' creativity.

First, a super cute Save the Date.

So so so simple. But so incredibly adorable. And look at that couple! I'll bet they live happily ever after.

Next up (yes, we're moving along quickly today), a wonderfully fabulous wedding invitation.

If only I had found this two years ago, it would have been the invitation for our wedding. It may have involved some more bright colors, but other than that, it's just perfect.

And while we're turning back the clock two years, here is what I would have done for a guest book. This idea makes my heart happy.

How cute is this?! I'm actually asking...did you just answer outloud? That's what I's SO cute. Instead of just having your guests sign a guest book, have them sign their names on their birthday. Now you have a record of your guests AND you know their birthday. I'm insanely jealous that I never thought of this.

So that's all I've got this week. Three simple ideas that I'm extremely inspired by. I think I will ask Luke if we can renew our vows on our two year anniversary (which is 1 month from tomorrow!) so I can use all of them. This sounds like a reasonable request to me. :)

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  1. I share the same affection for pinterest! :-) It is quite chocolate cake, except without the calories! :-)