Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anna and Matthew's Wedding Invitations

I have found myself feeling a little pressure to blog lately. I'm not sure if anyone else who is attempting to run a side business and sees their blog as a way to show the work they're doing feels this way or not, but I do.

I've been working on some fun projects lately, but because of that, I haven't thought about blogging so much. But I really do want to keep up with the blog, and I truly do enjoy showing the work I've been doing to my dedicated readers (shout out to my mom!).

So this is what I've decided: I'm going to let myself off the hook. I tend to think that my blog posts have to be these well written pieces of work that my dad would be proud of (shout out to Ron!) and sometimes there's just a lot of word vomit, if I'm being honest. But if someone comes to my blog, they probably just want to see some nice invitations, right?

So I'm going to stick with my goal of weekly blog posts, but I'm not going to pressure myself to post anything more than photos of wedding invitations that (hopefully) you'll think are nice. OK?

With that said, here are Anna and Matthew's wedding invitations. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Anna and love the simple, beautifully textured wedding invites that she chose.

Wait...go back. Zoom in if you must. Look at the texture of this paper. That was my favorite part. Oh, the texture.

I love the font. Anna found it online and I actually tracked down the name of it so we could purchase it. This may seem like I did a lot of investigating, but really I just had to go to and post a question on their 'What the font?' forum. I was amazed when the font was identified in about an hour.

Sweet little RSVP card.

I loved the printing on the envelopes, too!

(Side note: there is no Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Smith on Broadmore Drive in Miami, Florida. There may not even be a Broadmore Drive in Miami. For some reason, blurring out addresses has given me a slight amount of stress in the past few months and it needed to stop. All addresses from here on out will be fake. :))

While I've been working on invites, I've also been trying to accomplish some fun fall things, too. I personally feel that the fall weather could up its game here in Michigan, but that's just me.

I'm not crossing things off rapidly by any means, but a couple of things have been accomplished. Let's just say I've been trying new recipes out like a madwoman (thanks, Pinterest!) and have taken a lot of walks in the rain thanks to the aforementioned Michigan weather.

Happy Fall!

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  1. Jenny, these are awesome! Love it! I made my first attempt at blurring an address... it is kinda stressful! And I kept seeing the exact address when I looked at it (I suppose because I know exactly what it's supposed to say!). Anyway, that's beside the point. Love the invitation!