Friday, September 16, 2011

Heidi's Wedding Programs

As previously mentioned, I flew down to Chattanooga a few weeks ago, where my chauffeur/BFF Kauri picked me up and took me to ATL for the wedding reception of another one of our BFFs, Heidi. 

I feel led to mention our other BFF, Rach, who now comes with a beautiful little addition, Elizabeth (who I may have hogged shamelessly all weekend). Here we all are, shortly after we all met up at Heidi's house. Also, shortly after Ms. Elizabeth spit up all over me. Ironically, this did not stop the hogging.

Heidi asked if I could do programs for the reception, as well as the original invites. Even though it was going to be a more casual event, she still wanted people to come and know what kind of evening they could expect. 

Here's the program, photographed by its twin (AKA - the invitation).

Photographs courtesy of Amy Sayre Photography. Of course.

Heidi and Mike threw one heck of a party, if I do say so myself. That surprise dessert mentioned on the program was an ice cream truck that just rolled into their driveway halfway through the night. This, in addition to two different kinds of cupcakes and two cakes. Definitely my kind of party.

You can even check out more about it (if you are a wedding lover like myself) on her blog, Parties for Pennies. The amount of little detail that she put into this reception was incredible.

Several sets of programs and a wedding to follow in the next few weeks!

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