Friday, February 3, 2012

Abby's Shower Invites

OK, here's the deal. You'll be seeing quite a bit of Abby by the time I'm done with her wedding. Actually, it will be that way with the majority of my brides this year. I'm not only doing invitations, but lots of programs, menu cards, favor cards, place cards, thank you cards, table numbers, and even a seating chart or two. I love it because this allows us to carry the design of the invitation into other parts of the wedding day. It is a great way to tie everything together and I highly highly highly recommend it!

To start out my work with Abby, here are her shower invitations. We (I worked with her future mother-in-law on these) wanted them to be traditional and elegant. We also wanted them to give her guests a sense of what the wedding invitations would be like, while not totally ruining the surprise of the actual invitation. You'll find out in the weeks to come if we accomplished that task. :)

Font is Optimus Princeps. Free and a definite favorite. 

The White Snow card stock and the Majestic envelopes (official Envelopments names :)) are so beautiful together. I love this combination and love that I've been able to work so closely with Abby on so many different pieces for her wedding!

And here's a little bonus fact. In the end of all of this, we'll be related! She will be my dad's cousin's son's wife. So...maybe my third cousin once removed? Yes, we'll go with that. :)


  1. Optimus Princeps is a fantastic font that I discovered last year in Photoshop. However, I noticed with my newer version of photoshop, it is no longer there. I will be downloading it now, so thank you.

  2. I got this in the mail and thought it looked like your work :)