Friday, January 27, 2012

A few more Christmas cards

{All of these cards are now available at Vivian Elle's Etsy Shop. Click here to visit!}

OK, I'm going to just have to show a few more Christmas cards and call this my weekly blog post. It has been one of those weeks where you think "oh, good, it's almost Friday" and then you realize it's 8:30 on Monday evening. It's seemed forever long because we've packed a lot in.

You see, my husband and I are house hunting. Apparently, this is quite a time consuming activity. Pair the house hunting with engagement season being in full swing and I just feel a little more tired than usual. A little too tired to really blog about anything other than me being...well, tired (and a few Christmas cards, of course).

But I will say this - in the midst of this craziness, it's been the designing, the printing, the assembling, the stuffing, and the meetings with brides (or their wonderful moms) that have been completely therapeutic. I'm truly doing something I love and I can honestly say I'm working with some of the greatest brides right now.

Having said that, here are some more Christmas cards that will be added to Vivian Elle's Christmas Collection 2012. :) I need to let you know that the forever talented and kind Amy Sayre (of Amy Sayre Photography) wrote to her clients to ask if I could use their photos for my collection of cards. This is one gracious little family who said that I could. Get ready for one cute little guy.

And with those, I'll sign off. I'm fairly certain that this blog can't handle any more cuteness today. :)

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