Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jaime's Save the Dates

Jaime is another one you might see frequenting the blog this upcoming wedding season. She came to me about a month ago looking for someone to help her with not only her wedding invitations, but Save the Dates and even a little special extra for her lake side wedding ceremony.  She is so easy to work with and has such great style. I can't wait to reveal more of it to you over the next few months!

Jaime sent me a file of her inspiration pictures for her wedding. After taking a look at some of the pictures she sent me (which I've kept myself from sharing here even though they are so incredibly creative and beautiful...privacy issues, you know), I started to come up with a design that I felt fit her day. Luckily, she felt the same way. We had a few tweaks here and there and then we were all set.

I have to say that the picture her and her fiancé wanted to use for this Save the Date is the cutest thing. When we met together and they showed it to me, I remember just staring at it thinking it was adorable and then I realized that I hadn't spoken on account of the staring. Embarrassing, and yet they still decided to use me. :)

The Save the Dates are just a cute little 4x5 card:

We used three fonts (just call us crazy): Halo Handletter, Centabel Book, and Riddle. All are free, obviously. :)

You'll see more of Jaime and Dan in a few months when we really get going on their wedding invitations. I can't wait!

Can I just show one more thing to you though?

I was probably more excited than a wife should be to give a card to my husband this year for Valentine's Day. He's not necessarily a card person at all, but his wife loves her some paper products, so he will have to deal. :)

This was my inspiration. I saw this card on a website that I absolutely adore, Oh So Beautiful Paper.

If you're wondering...

I loved the "We Go Together Like..." thing, though it wouldn't have had any significance to keep Bob Ross and his happy little trees on there (no offense to any Bob Ross lovers out there).

So I started to think about couples that were somewhat significant to Luke and me, from a TV show we watch or a book we've both read or a song of theirs that we (maybe...) have rapped together. Then I put this little card together. I loved it and I'm happy to report that he did, too.

(Any HIMYM fans...I know, I know...Barney and Robin are not currently together. But it's SO going to happen.)

My favorite was at the bottom..."The horse in War Horse and his boy". The movie War Horse is in no way significant to us, except for the fact that we saw it together on Christmas day with family. For days after, I had to listen to Luke go on and on about how attached the boy was to the horse and how abnormal that was. So you know it had to go on the card. We both started cracking up when he read it. We're not super sappy, but if we can share a good laugh, we're happy.

Happy (slightly late) Valentine's Day!

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  1. I LOVE IT! (your valentine's card, that is)
    Also the save the date is super cute :)
    Love you!

    1. And I love you! I hope you felt LOTS of love from your hubby and your little tykes yesterday! :)