Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sarah and Jeffrey's Formal Invitation Suite

My husband has some amazing marketing skills.

I should first say that in the past few years, he has worked to build a guitar business of 30+ students, which he runs out of our home, at night, after he's worked from 7 in the morning until 2.

These same marketing skills have come in pretty handy since I started my own business. You see, every time one of his friends on Facebook gets engaged, he sends them a message telling them that they should consider using me. Like, 2 minutes after they've changed their status to 'engaged'. If someone (that we just met, mind you) says that they're getting married, he practically launches into a commercial about my invitation business. He has no problem marketing for me and it's actually kind of great.

You see, marketing is not my strong suit. I signed up to be on The Knot as soon as I started this business, figuring they could do the work for me. That's it. That's all I did. It's bad. I'm in need of help.

So it's really good that Luke markets my business to anyone and everyone. He's actually landed me several brides and I'm extremely grateful. 

Sarah is one of those brides. Luke met her a few years ago through a friend and when she got engaged, Luke was right there with his facebook message about my business.

Sarah contacted me and we ended up meeting a few months back. She told me all about her formal wedding at Apple Mountain. The main color that she was pulling into her wedding was a deep purple. She picked out Envelopments' beautiful classic ecru card stock and we backed it with the gray brocade patterned paper that you see below. 

Sarah's suite consisted of the invitation, one insert, and one cute little RSVP. As always, I'm smitten over the RSVP.

I suggest combining inserts to a lot of brides. Sarah put her directions and accommodations on one card and it fit perfectly. It also saves a little bit of money, which always helps during wedding planning.

I love that the gray patterned paper overlaps the RSVP card and I love the pop of deep purple in the heading. And it's just so dainty and cute, while also being sophisticated and classy. Yes, I love it very much.

Our fonts were Trajan Pro and Chopin Script. Also, Optimus Princeps snuck in there and I didn't even realize it until I looked back at the invite while writing this blog. I often forget that Trajan Pro and Optimus Princeps are separate fonts because they have such a similar look and so when I went to do Sarah and Jeffrey's names, I must have accidentally used Optimus Princeps without thinking. Oh, well. No harm, no foul.

So there's another fantastic bride I got to work with (and thank my husband for, of course). I have constantly been in awe of how great my brides have been, especially in the midst of what can be such a hectic time. They are genuinely kind, funny, and so encouraging to me (when I'm totally the one that should be encouraging them).

We're moving from this formal invitation suite to a super fun and modern suite next week. Stay tuned. :)

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  1. Those invites are breathtaking, Jenny! Just beautiful! I don't even know Sarah but I kinda want to go to her wedding just based on the invites. ;p It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous wedding.