Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rachel and Dylan's Pocket Fold Wedding Invitation

I'm here on the blog today to write a quick and dirty (I seriously had a Prob and Stats professor in college that used this phrase - I may or may not have mentioned that before) post about a beautiful, classic wedding invitation I finished up this past month.

I'll just be posting once this week, but I'll be back next week with another lovely invitation to show plus one more FAQ post on why the heck custom wedding invites are so expensive (there's good reason, I promise).

But right now, let's look at Rachel's wedding invitations.

Rachel and I met a looooong time ago now. It was sometime last fall and if there's one thing I remember about that meeting, it's that Rachel just had a very classic style to her. Simple, sophisticated, beautiful.

Once we started talking about Rachel's wedding, I realized that my initial impressions were confirmed - she did, in fact, have a great, classic style about her that she wanted to bring into her wedding invitations.

So here are her invitations, months later, all ready to send out (a special thanks to Rachel for snapping these photos after I completely forgot to take pictures before giving her all of them :)). 

Rachel picked out a white textured pocket fold invitation and decided to accent with a beautiful deep purple card stock (Majestic by Envelopments). As for her neutral color, she wanted to bring in silver instead of the standard white/ecru card stock. I love how it all came together.

Fonts are Allura and Estilo. I love the classic simplicity of the Allura font combined with the modern elegance of the Estilo font. 

And those are the inserts. Simple. To the point. Classic. Rachel is fabulous and super great to work with. By the way, so are all of my brides. Have I mentioned how thankful I am to work with them?

Until next week!

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