Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tonia and Eric's Pocket Fold Invitations


I love this invitation. I love all of my invitations (that sounds conceited, but honestly, I only print them and put them together...my brides are the ones with the exceptional tastes), but I really love this one. The colors. The patterned paper. The fonts the bride chose. Every little bit.

This here's a destination wedding invitation. For next year. Yep - you read it right. This bride is ON TOP OF THINGS. She wants to send the invitation out now so her guests have everything they need to start to save for and book their trip. This is extremely sweet and very considerate and when I met Tonia - AKA the bride - it all made sense. She is extremely sweet and very considerate. I liked her immediately.

Let's not even waste another second. Here are Tonia and Eric's destination wedding pocket folds.

Didn't I tell you? Great invitations, right? 

When I met with Tonia, she knew what she wanted. Her colors were (if you can't tell) red and Carolina blue (you know, the color of the Tar Heels logo - a random sports fact to impress my husband). 

She picked out a beautifully textured pocket envelope and matched it with a nice matte ecru paper for her invitation and inserts. We brought in a red and gold patterned paper to back the invitation itself and the RSVP card.

Her font is the ever loved Albemarle Swatch and we paired it with its sister font, Albemarle Demo.

Tonia included all of the details about the all inclusive where she and her fiancé will be married, the name of a travel agent, and group rate information. Since there was no wedding website, she wanted her guests to have everything they needed right there in front of them.

We finished the invitation off with a band with the initial of their soon-to-be-shared last name. 

The H was done in Albemarle Demo. We backed it with the same patterned paper that we used to back the invitation and the RSVP card.

And then it tucks nicely into the Carolina blue envelope. 

And this is what her guests saw in their mailboxes. A lovely invitation for what I can only assume will be a lovelier wedding.

On Thursday, I'll be back with an FAQ post on why custom wedding invitations cost what they do. See you then!

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