Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zac's 2nd Birthday Party Invitations

Lindsay and I used to go to church together. For a year or so, we were in the same small group and I remember vividly the night that her husband, Brian, came to the group without her. I asked him where Lindsay was and he just grinned and handed me an ultrasound picture. 

What made this even better is that Lindsay, like so many women out there, had worried that she wouldn't get pregnant. There were some health considerations and months earlier, she had shared her nervousness about the whole "trying" process. Knowing that made the ultrasound picture bring even more joy to the group that night. 

So having Lindsay ask me a few years later to make her soon-to-be two year old's birthday party invitations filled me with a whole lotta nostalgia. That's what I love about this business - the stories behind these invitations. Because there always is one. 

So here's what we came up with for little Zac. He likes bugs. As you will soon be able to tell. 

How cute is that little guy? Seriously.

I crafted that little bee (and all of the critters) in Adobe Illustrator and we used some fun new fonts for this invite - Organic Fridays, A Bug's Life, and Antipasto (that one's actually not new at all, but the other two are).

Lindsay had given me two pictures to work with and instead of just picking one, I had to put the second on the back.

It was just too cute. I mean, look at that big grin.

So I just had to interrupt that wedding invitations to bring you this birthday party invite. Next week I'll be back with another wedding invitation to show. :)

Have a great week!

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