Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Amy Sayre Photography's Thank You Cards

I love postcards. Like, LOVE them. Every time I talk with someone about a fun side project (moving announcements/thank you cards/whatever), I'm always like, "have you considered a postcard?" 

Postcards are just so simple and easy. Write a message. Throw a stamp on it. Mail it. Done.

So when Amy - the best friend - came to me and asked if I could help her with a Thank You for the Referral card, I was giddy when she said she'd like it on a postcard. 

I helped Amy make over her website a while back now. We wanted to stick with the same theme to come up with these thank you cards. See, she'd been re-vamping her business for a while and it was really paying off. She was getting more and more referrals and as they came in, she wanted a way to say thank you to those who had sent those referrals her way. 

Enter this little postcard. 

When someone sends a referral to Amy Sayre Photography, Amy can easily fill out this postcard and stick it in the mail.

It's as easy as filling out an address and a couple of lines. Anyone who owns a business knows how important referrals are and how important it is to show your appreciation to the person who is responsible for them. The problem is when you have a small business and you're doing all of the work by yourself. Here's what happens with me:

Referral comes in.
I do a little celebratory dance of appreciation directed towards the person who sent the referral.
I go about my day.

But what if I had a postcard like Amy's that I could just send off to the person who sent the referral to let them know how much I appreciate them? My life would be easier and people would know they were appreciated.

And that's what Amy can do now - show her appreciation to all the people that have spread the word about her stellar photography skills. With a cute little postcard.

One more picture, just because that little bird is so sweet.

Amy now has in her hands a good amount of these postcards and I know she's already sent several out. She is such an inspiring business woman and I will be following her lead and designing my own referral postcards soon (I'm declaring this right now so I will actually knock this off the to-do list, where it has been for a good few months now. :/).

I hope you're all enjoying your weeks so far. I'll be back later this week with a random house post. :)

Want to see more postcards? Check out these that I did for my sister-in-law's appreciation brunch or these I did for moving announcements. 


  1. I may send you one of these as a thank you for this blog post. I am obsessed with sending these out.

    1. I fell in love with them all over again writing this. :)