Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jessica and Jeffrey's Pocket Fold Invitations

Sometimes I get ridiculously excited over the smallest things. Like this past week when I got out of work early (on a 70 degree day) and came straight home, removed every door knob in our house, and started oil rubbed bronzing them.

(You may not know what oil rubbed bronzing - or ORBing - is. Basically I spray painted things using this spray paint.)

So our amazingly beautiful gold door knobs (sense the sarcasm) are now oil rubbed bronzed. Every last one in our house. And I was so excited about it that I whipped up this before and after picture, just to give you a taste of how it updated things around our house. 

Even my husband said later that night, "these look really good, babe." (This was a surprise, as I was definitely not expecting him to have an opinion on door knobs.)

So there's one thing that was on the "summer to-do list" that's already crossed off pre-summer. Isn't that the best feeling ever?

I hope that you are enjoying your spring and are loving your time outside, doing whatever it is that makes you happy. :) 

Other than ORBing everything in sight, I've also been taking care of business, Vivian Elle style (what does that even mean?). 

I met with Jessica not so long ago now. She came to me feeling like she had done so much for her wedding, but had waited too long to take care of invitations. Luckily, we had just enough time to complete everything with a little bit of time left over.

The thing that I love most about Jessica's invitations is the floral artwork we added to it (courtesy of Envelopments).

The block font is Baskerville and the script font is Hiatus.

We used a textured matte card stock for the pocket and a metallic ecru paper for everything else.

In addition to purple, Jessica is having light green as one of her wedding colors, too. We brought that in with a couple of metallic envelopes.

We didn't want to overuse the flower, but we did bring it into the wedding suite one more time on the RSVP.

And we were done. A lot of brides ask how long it takes to design invitations. Ideally, brides will come to me six months before their wedding. However, brides have come to me three months before their weddings and we have been able to get everything done in time for them to be sent out. Jessica's invites are proof of that.

Besides ORBing and putting together invitations, there's something else I've been spending my time doing this spring. I'll be back on Thursday to tell you all about it. :)

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  1. Gorgeous, Jenny! And...love the ORB!

    1. Thanks, girl! It makes me happy every time I look at the ORB job. :)