Tuesday, July 16, 2013


So...the past few weeks have been a blur.

First, I took a trip to Wichita, Kansas to see this friend from college.

And meet this little girl whom you might remember from this post

It was wonderful to spend time with my friend Laura from college. We're usually with three other friends who we've traveled with for years now, but this time it was just me and her. We went to Liya's swim lessons and talked and ran together and talked and went to the zoo and talked and laid out and talked some more. I don't think I've ever had so much time with just her and it really is something I'll cherish forever. Also, she introduced me to House Hunters on HGTV. How had I never seen it before? What was I doing with my life?

After Wichita, I headed back to Chicago (where I flew out of to go to Wichita) and spent the 4th of July with the best friend, Amy.

We watched fireworks, sat out on her back porch, went shopping, ate at Pinkberry (I had Nutella on my ice cream...divine.), watched an 1980s PBS program on ice cream shops, ate Chicago style hotdogs, and just caught up on every aspect of our lives.

We were also to meet up with our friend-since-high-school-days, Dave, and his lady friend, Sarah (not pictured).

All in all, my vacation was great, but at the end of my week away, I was so thankful to be coming home to my husband and my home, my favorite place to be.

When I came home, we dealt with this little situation and we started working again at the summer program we teach at each year. It was a hectic week, but I was glad to make it out alive and with a new little friend from the Humane Society.

And that brings us to this week. I feel like the past few weeks have flown by and I'm just trying to catch my breath and it doesn't help that I randomly have a cold in the middle of the summer.

But I've been working on Vivian Elle stuff and I promise that once I'm done with this teaching gig, I'll start weekly posting again. I might even do one next week on some business cards that I did way too long ago now. But I have 3 wedding invites, 3 shower invites and a hostess brunch invite to show and those will be up the blog soon.

Until then, enjoy every bit of your summer, even if your husband gave you a cold, too (it helps me to blame him :)).


  1. HOW HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN HOUSE HUNTERS?! When they have marathons of it on HGTV...well, there goes the rest of my day. Welcome to the jungle! :)

  2. I know, right?! What is wrong with me...