Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stephanie and Michael's Modern Wedding Invitations

Like this invitation? Check out this similar design at Vivian Elle's Etsy Shop. 

I truly love working with different styles of wedding invitations. Each bride comes to me with such unique ideas and I love that they trust me to carry those ideas out. 

But every now and then, I end up with a wedding invitation that is exactly my style. And this year, I think this is the one. If I had been married this year, this is the invitation I would have created for my own wedding.

Stephanie was pretty open to ideas about her design. She sent me a few pictures that were her style and then she let me go to work.

I used Samantha Pro for the script font and Novecento for the block font. Both of these are my favorites at the current moment.

As for the colors, we went with a navy blue and coral, a pretty hot color combo for 2013.

All of the information Stephanie and Michael needed to tell their guests was put right on the back of their invite.

I'm seeing more and more brides who are keeping it so simple with their invitations and I love it. One piece of card stock and one envelope can still equal a beautiful wedding invitation.

Stephanie was SUPER easy to work with - so glad she chose Vivian Elle. :)

Lots of fun to come in the next few weeks - wedding invites, save the dates, bridal shower invites, baby shower invites -it's been a fun month!


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  2. I lOVE this invitation. Where can I buy??

    1. This is one of our custom wedding invitations - email jennifer@vivianelleinvitations.com for information on having your own designed, or check out Vivian Elle on Etsy to see some of our pre-designed wedding invites. :) https://www.etsy.com/shop/VivianElle