Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One Six's Photo's Business Cards

I do so hope you're enjoying your summer. Thank you for continuing to read, even though I've been so inconsistent with my blogging. July is the month when my husband and I go back to work (just for 4 weeks) to teach at a summer program. I'm currently teaching 7th-9th graders how to start their own businesses. Funny, I know. 

But Vivian Elle stuff still goes on, even when I'm teaching. I just haven't really shown any of it yet. 

Before the fall wedding hoopla is unveiled next week, I wanted to show off some business cards I did a little while ago for the lovely lady I talked about in this post. 

Kelli from One Six Photo came to me earlier this year after we had finished working on her logo months earlier. She wanted a business card and so we came up with one.  

And then Kelli took a couple of super cute and fun photos of them, showcasing how amazing her photography skills are.

This seriously makes me want to get a bubble gum machine, if only to photograph my invitations on. :)

Not only does Kelli have some great photography skillz, it is rare you meet someone as kind and fun and encouraging as she is. If you're in the metro-Detroit area and you need photos taken, check her website out here. She is one talented girl. :)

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