Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Juniper Eva's Baby Announcements

Let's be honest about one thing:

Making friends is WAY harder when you're an adult. 

After you get out of college, you feel like you should be set. Like you're a 10 on the social scale. But let me be the one to tell you this: college has deceived you. 

The thing about college is that it spoon feeds you friends. You cannot NOT make friends in college. I was in a dorm my freshman year with probably 80 other girls my same age. It took about two days for me to make my first friend, and by the end of freshman year, our floor was like a sisterhood. 

So when I got out of college, I was like, "Yo, world! I'm here and I'm an AMAZING friend!" And oddly enough, that was met with crickets chirping. Which meant that I spent a lot of Saturday nights at home watching Trading Spaces (which would be sad except that show was awesome).  

A few years after college, I started working at a home health care, only because I couldn't find a teaching job. I started to make some acquaintances, and even a friend or two, and I actually enjoyed working at my job. 

Then one day, interviews were held to bring on a new person in our department.  As was custom at our work, we started stalking the front door, in hopes that we would sneak a peak of one of the candidates. Our department was small, and we'd had our share of completely insane people come through (one girl literally sent an email to our boss on a particularly snowy day, telling her that she couldn't come in because a black bird told her not to. i'm not even joking. i may or may not have done a dramatic reading of it to my family), so it was important to make sure this new person was a good fit. 

On one of my trips to the front of the office to see who would be sitting there waiting to be taken in for an interview, I saw a girl. She was about my age, and looked nice, and I kid you not, as I discretely attempted to look at her out of the corner of my eye, a thought went through my head:

"We are going to be friends."

GUYS. I promise I'm not crazy. I swear. But that happened. 

And guess what?

That girl was hired. And within about three hours of her working in our department, I knew that my premonition was true. Her and I were going to be friends. 

And we are. Really good friends. Like the kind I thought I'd never have again post-college. A true friend who I could share anything with and who I constantly have crazy text threads going with at all times. Texts that we have both admitted reading to our spouses because we think we are hilarious. Those kinds of friends. 

I no longer work at that home health care. My friend - Debbie - doesn't either. I moved on and started this invitation business, and she moved on and had a few adorable babies. But we're both so thankful that a job that seemingly didn't fit into either of our "bigger pictures" brought us to each other.

So when Debbie had her second baby, Juniper, she asked me if I could make an announcement for her. 

And I told her that I couldn't because a black bird told me not to.

KIDDING, Y'ALL. Here they are.

Her family is precious, right?

I cannot get enough of this Bebas font. And I thought Melany Lane and Helvetica Neue balanced it out nicely. As for the design, while I'm always fearing that chevron is a week away from going out of style, I'm 100% confident that stripes are here to stay.

On the back, we just did a simple greeting.

There you go. A cute little baby announcement for a cute little baby. Here's to new friends after college and the adorable offspring they produce. :)

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