Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trisha and Dave's Detroit Themed Wedding Invitations

Now that Trisha and Dave's Save the Dates are out and the shower's been thrown, it's time for the invitations. 

Trisha decided to use gate cards for her invitations, which means this is what her guests saw when they opened the envelope (can we just pause to admire the lovely coral color of the envelopes, by the way?): 

A sneak peak at the invitation...

And here they are...

(I feel like the invitation's arms are open wide and there should be a heavenly "ahhhhhhhhh" that accompanies this picture.)

We used a new font, Bebas, for the entire invite.

And it's printed on the same map we used for Trisha's business calling cards.

I know I say this about every bride, but I truly love Trish's style. :) Can't wait to see what she has in mind for the wedding extras for the big day!

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