Thursday, May 17, 2012

Abby and Seth's Wedding Extras

I met Abby several months ago now and we've been through a lot together in a little bit of time. First we worked on her wedding shower invitations. Then the wedding invitations

Last, but certainly not least, we have Abby and Seth's wedding extras. The programs, the menus, the table numbers, the seating chart...those extra things that help your guests figure out who those people are at the front of the church, where to sit at the reception,  and what they'll be eating. 

The best part about Abby and Seth's wedding extras? I actually attended this wedding, so I got to see them in action (in other words, looking nice in their respective places). 

You see, Abby married my father's cousin's son. So we are kind of related now. She might be my second cousin twice removed...I'm still not sure.

The wedding was beautiful. The food was fabulous. The bride was stunning. And it was so cool/weird to look everywhere and see work that I actually did. Seth and Abby used the custom frame that we come up with for their wedding invitations in so many aspects of the wedding. When we walked into the reception, they actually had it projected onto one of the walls. You might think I took a picture of that.  Not so. 

But I did take a picture of the extras that I had worked on. So let's roll these out, one by one. 

First, we have the programs. We kept everything consistent with the papers and fonts we already had used. We used a simple piece of 4x9 First Snow card stock to print the programs on. We had a lot to fit on there (16 members of the wedding party + the ceremony),  but we managed without having to use super tiny font. 

We also used the same size card stock for the menus. They set two of these at each table. Let me state again...the food was GOOD.

Here are the table numbers. We used the White Snow card stock and Majestic (purple) backing.

My mom even stole their table number and it sits on her dining room table to this very day. A thief, that one.

And finally, here's the seating chart. This was set outside of the reception, so guests could use it to find their tables. It's great to have everything in one place, and easy to reference because the names are in alphabetical order...especially helpful for larger weddings.

Their wedding favor to their guests was a photo booth. They even put the frame at the bottom, with their wedding date in it. My family loves a photo booth. I particularly love that half of my mom's face is covered by the horn on my husband's hat, and that my dad is just grinning from ear to ear in the background.

My family and I had a wonderful time at the wedding, and it made it even better that I had the chance to  get to know the bride beforehand. She's a wonderful girl and will be a great wife to my cousin.

Congratulations, Seth and Abby!

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  1. I love that you called Nance out for stealing. I also love everything you designed in this post.