Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mike's Mad Men Invitations

This is a blog post about a birthday party invitation, with some WE'REMOVINGIN2DAYS mixed in. If you are here to see a birthday party invitation and only a birthday party invitation, you've been warned.

To review, this happened...

Luke and I are the proud new owners of a little bungalow and we couldn't be more excited. So I have to admit that it's hard to think about anything right now aside from her (the house is clearly a she).

(Yes, there is a porch swing hanging on that porch, and yes, it will be left for us. When the previous owner texted to ask me if we wanted it, I replied with an enthusiastic "Oh, yes yes YES!" She may think I'm weird.)

We've actually been the owners since March 9. That's right...80-some days ago. Which means that I've had 80-some days to obsess over what colors to paint, how to decorate, what things to buy, what things to wait to buy, what to use each room for, and so much more.

But wait...this is a post about some Mad Men invitations. Right.

So one of my BFFs, Heidi, has a husband named Mike. You might remember Heidi and Mike from this post or this post. One thing about Heidi: she knows how to throw a party. So much so that she's started a blog called Parties for Pennies. She loves to host parties and save money at the same time. She's thrifty like that.

So when Heidi's husband was turning 40, she wanted to do something extra special for him. Since he likes the show Mad Men, she thought she'd use that as her theme. And she decided that she wanted to let everyone know about her party with an invite that set the tone. And...she came to me to do it. What a pal!

After much staring at Mad Men images that I found online (how you doin', Jon Hamm?), I gained the inspiration I needed to create what I hoped to be the perfect invitation.

{Psssst - this Mad Men invite is now available at Vivian Elle's Etsy Shop. Click here to visit and order it for your own party!}

Confession: Once again, I have stolen images from my beloved friend, Heidi. This was due to an unfortunate event that occurred a few days ago when I accidentally deleted every photo that I had uploaded to this blog post only to realize that I had also deleted them off of my camera. It just doesn't get better than that, folks.

While Heidi wanted me to make the invitations, she had a really cool idea for the envelopes, so she did those herself. They turned out perfectly and I will now steal another photo from her blog and show you them here.

My crafty friend inspires me all the time.

I am so grateful to Heidi that she would trust me with such an important event, and a successful one at that. You can check out how her party went here and here.

In conclusion, it now just needs to be stated that when I write my next blog post, we will be living in our new house. Most likely with just a bed, half painted walls, and a leftover pizza as our only food, but our new house nevertheless. I promise to not take over every blog post with some kind of Young House Love-ish post about all of the plans we have for our bungalow, but I cannot help it if one or two photos sneak in there...

Want to hear more about the value of custom invitations? Check out this post


  1. a few scattered thoughts (I'm sensing a life theme for me here):
    -you look lovely in that photo of you and Luke by the "sold" sign. lovely hair!
    ...also, i love that you are in what looks like a north face and jeans, and Luke is clearly in shorts and a t-shirt, haha.
    -these invites are KILLER. So fun! Also, tell Heidi I think a "mad men" themed party is one of the best ideas ever...the clothing alone would have made it so fun!
    -I'm excited for half-painted walls, leftover pizza and a bed. What a fun season of life! :)

  2. I would like to be the first one to say that I wouldn't mind if there was a little Luke&JennyHouseLove thrown in on your blog...every once & awhile! ;p Thank you soo much for doing the invites, Jenny! You rocked & I must now dedicate a portion of our budget for "invitations by Jenny/VivianElle" for the shindigs still to come. ;p

  3. the invite is amazing... but I have to say the MOVINGIN2DAYS (as in havemovedalready!) is even more amazing! Can't wait to see more pictures of the new house! :)