Thursday, May 24, 2012

Leanne's Baby Shower Invitations


I'm 31. Do you think that having babies has crossed my mind a time or two?

Unfortunately, I overanalyze anything and everything (to the point where my own father, who officiated our wedding, pointed this out to all of our guests during the ceremony...awesome). When Luke and I entered our second year of marriage, I remember I started thinking about babies a little bit more. Not ohmygoshgivemeababynow or anything, but I guess I started noticing that I liked them a lot more than I ever had. So I started I ready to have one of my own?

Then I'd think that I don't want to wake up several times a night and be sleep deprived for the rest of my life. 

Then I'd think that having a little human running around that is a part of me and a part of my husband would be so cool.

Then I'd think that my husband and I won't get to spend as much time together, just me and him. 

Then I'd think of all the joy that a baby would bring to our lives.

And so on and so on. 

It's been several months since I entered into that second year of marriage, and I'm still not sure when I (or my husband) will be ready for our own little tyke, but I am always extremely happy for my friends that have made the transition to motherhood, and I love learning everything I can from them. And...I love making invitations for their baby showers (10 points for an amazing transition!).

(-25 points when you realize that this shower invite is for a girl I've never even met, making the introduction to this invitation baby-related word vomit.)

I helped Erin with her wedding invitations last summer. I had a great time working with her - she really was an extremely calm bride-to-be. She was very cool, collected, and I really liked how she did her hair.  A month or so ago, she came to me again to ask about doing baby shower invitations for a friend of hers. I, of course, took this as a great compliment (love me a return customer) and was more than happy to help out. 

Erin first sent me some pictures of her ideas for decorating. She was using blues, yellows, and reds. She had a million adorable ideas, but one stuck out to me in particular - these cute paper flower fans. 

(Not sure what I'm talking about? You can view them here, here, or here.)

I decided I just really liked them and that they couldn't be that hard to make on my own. I started creating the same paper flower fans in Illustrator and our shower invitation was born. 

I absolutely love the color scheme that Erin decided to use. Leanne and her husband are having a boy, but the color scheme isn't overly boy-ish at all. I give a solid thumbs up to that. I definitely believe that a girl shower does not equal all things pink, just like a boy shower doesn't have to be completely done in blue (or green, if you're really getting crazy).

The fonts? Arial Black and Context Reprise Light (this one's my current favorite). We used a dark blue envelope and white linen card stock.

All in all, I love my return customers and am forever grateful that they would actually use me again. And since I truly enjoy working with my brides, working with them a second time is pretty much a complete joy.

I've been doing more and more shower invitations, which I absolutely love. Stay tuned for some more in the coming weeks. :)


  1. When I have a baby, I am totally having you do my announcements. And when you have a baby, I'm totally taking your photos. Deal? Deal.

  2. I have to say I'm in love with the paper flower fans on the invite. The whole style of this is so unique! Man...I wish I could see what the whole shower looks like after these awesome invites! Great job Jenny! :-)