Monday, October 8, 2012

Bethany's Bachelorette Party and Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

*This post was written last week and since I wrote it, Bethany and Devin were married! Congratulations to both of them! Instead of doing two posts this week (you know I can't stand when I miss a week and must make up for it), I'm putting two more of Bethany's invitations into one post. I love how they turned out.*

I'm back and rolling out more of Bethany's invitations. Bethany's the bride I talked about here. Now that the shower invitations were out, it was time to move on to the bachelorette party invites and the rehearsal dinner invites. 

Bethany's sister, Ashley, is Bethany's maid of honor (along with her other sister, Whitney) and was throwing her bachelorette party. Ashley has always held a special place in my heart. When she was back in high school, I worked with her youth group. I helped start a mentoring program there and after I initially announced it, she came up to me and said, "I want to be paired with you!" I couldn't believe that any high schooler thought I was cool enough to spend time with, but I went with it and Ashley and I spent many hours chatting about school, youth group, boys, and more. It has been about seven years since then and she is now a beautiful, intelligent, and thoughtful grown woman.  It was so great to sit down with her again to work on these invitations and just chat about life in general. 

Ashley thinks her sister is the best and wanted her Bachelorette Party invite to reflect that. She said that Bethany has been invited to a ton of Bachelorette Parties lately and she wanted to make sure that Bethany's invitation stood out among the rest. 

Here's what we came up with. 

Ashley didn't know exactly what direction she wanted me to go in, but we did decide that we'd go with hot pink (this paper is called 'Fashionista' - it's one of my favorite Envelopments' papers) as the main color.

Then I took myself to Hobby Lobby to gain some more inspiration. When I saw this fun zebra print card stock, I knew I had all I needed to complete the invitation.

Channel is the font for Bethany's name (the same one we used for her shower invites) and Bodoni Svty Two is the font for the rest of the invitation.

Bethany's Bachelorette Party was also a lingerie shower, so we decided to make that obvious with the lingerie artwork. It's Envelopments' artwork and I love how it adds to the invitation.

I loved working on these with Ashley and I know that she will be a great Maid of Honor. :)

Next up is Bethany and Devin's Rehearsal Dinner Invitation.

We used red for the rehearsal dinner invites. Black, white, and red are the wedding colors, though we've mixed it up with hot pink for certain invitations.

Of course, the Bethany Diamond had to make an appearance. We changed up the fonts a bit and used Hiatus and Foglihten Petite Caps for the invitation.

I love that the red circle features the diamond. :)

I think both of these turned out great and I can't wait to show off the rest of Bethany's wedding extras!

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