Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brynne and Shawn's Wedding Extras

The one thing that has been such a wonderful surprise about this business is the incredibly kind and gracious brides I've worked with. When I first started out, I didn't know what to expect when it came to having brides as my main client base. Every girl that's had a wedding can attest to the fact that at times wedding planning can make you a little crazy. For example, this conversation happened with my mom during my own wedding planning:

Mom, casually in a conversation about what pictures would be taken during the wedding day: I'd really like it if when I'm helping zip up your wedding dress, the photographer would take the photo from above so I don't have a double chin. 

Jennifer, abruptly, as if demon possessed: OUR PHOTOGRAPHER WILL DO WHATEVER SHE WANTS AND YOU WILL LIKE IT.

(I don't remember exactly how the conversation went, but I'm pretty sure I captured the gist.)

But even during an incredibly stressful, busy time, my brides have yet to lash out at me like I did at my poor mom. Instead, they've responded to my emails in such good-hearted, complimentary ways, making me feel like the luckiest invitation designer ever. 

Take, for instance, Brynne (whom you may remember from when I did her lace wedding invitations here). By the time she and I were done designing her wedding suite and her wedding extras, it was a little bittersweet to say goodbye to her. I remember an email exchange basically saying "it will be weird not to email so often!" She wanted to be a part of the design process and we truly went through each piece together, going back and forth with ideas for everything. When I think back on that it makes me realize just how fortunate I am to work with such amazing ladies.  

At the end of my time with my brides, I've started asking them if they wouldn't mind sending over some photos of their wedding day so I can see how everything was pulled together. I get to see a little snippet of their style when they come to me for invitations, but I love seeing the big picture and have been nothing short of delighted when they've sent me pictures.

So here are the pictures of Brynne and Shawn''s wedding extras. All photography is by Jean Smith Photography.

We originally made Brynne and Shawn's monogram to go with their lace wedding invitations, but we wanted to carry it into some aspects of their wedding day, too. The programs were an easy way to do that.

Brynne had me make tags for the box mailers that she used to ship her invites. Well, we ended up using the same tags for the little favor boxes, too. I printed the 'L' on the tag and then Brynne had the guest's names and table number added on. How beautiful do they look?

If you pay attention to the little details at weddings like I do, then you must have noticed the linens, the chairs (oh, the chairs!), the amazing floral arrangements in the background, the enclosed tent, and the beautiful china they used on the tables. I am 100% completely in love with everything about this wedding. For crying out loud, WHY DIDN'T I CRASH IT?!?

We designed the menus just like we did the programs. I love the classic elegance of Brynne and Shawn's style.

A huge thank you to Jean Smith Photography for taking such gorgeous photos and to Brynne for sharing them with us!

(I want a roll with butter now.)

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