Tuesday, March 12, 2013

James and Stacey's Wedding Invitations

It's time to post some wedding invitations, y'all!

This is going to be a quick post, mostly because I was away this weekend (more on that later...) and I've been playing catch up all morning. So while I was going to post about my weekend today (and show off a baby announcement at the same time), I'm going to do a little swicheroo and post about my trip later in the week when I have some pictures to show. 

Side note - I am horrible at taking pictures. If I had just decided to post about my trip this weekend with the pictures I took, it would be three pictures of a historic library (which I took for my dad), one picture of a friend standing in front of an inappropriate statue (you're never too old, yo), and one picture of the sweetest little girl that I had the pleasure of hanging out with for a good part of the trip.  Oh, heck. I'll post that one now. Let it be a little sneak peek of what I did this weekend. There were children involved. 

Two things: how cute are those boots and can you see that strawberry hat? ADORABLE. 

But back to wedding invitations. Coral and navy are one of the hot color combos right now, and it just so happens that the first invitation suite I made this year went right along with this trend. 

Here is James and Stacey's wedding suite. 

We decided to bring in the coral with some flower artwork and the envelopes. I loved that they used a navy pocketfold.

Yes, this is actually a pocketfold invitation, though it may not look like it at first. When James and Stacey's guests turn the invitation over, this is what they'll see. 

We kept it simple with one insert and an RSVP. We combined directions and accommodations onto one piece of cardstock.

Then we added in a cute little RSVP card. I love that they wanted to go with "Will you be our Guest?" instead of the normal "RSVP" or "Kindly Reply."

On the left side of the directions card, we created a little map so guests could easily find their way from the church to the reception. It was such an easy route that it's probably just better to look at the map instead of put it in your GPS. And a map is always fun, right?

So wedding invitation season is officially kicked off and I'm so very excited about it! I have such unique invitations this year and can't wait to share them. :)

Next week I'm going to show off a Save the Date and start a new series on FAQs about wedding invitations. On Thursday I'll be right back here to show off the baby announcement for a little guy that I finally got to meet this past weekend. See you then!

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  1. Love these! They look so fresh and fun! Great job, Jenny! Miss that little girl already. ;p

    1. Good and appropriate use of your one alloted emoticon per statement! Haha.