Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's and Mother's Day Cards

I love my parents. I'm fortunate - like so many of you are - to have parents who have always loved and supported me in everything I've done (except when I did idiotic things. then they pretty much were like, "what is wrong with you? stop being an idiot). 

Lately I've really started to realize that I do a lot of things that I do in my life because my parents did them first. I listen to certain music because my dad listened to it first. I shop at certain stores because my mom shopped at them first. I have flaws that they've passed down to me and I have strengths that they've passed down to me. 

In short, I'm grateful for them. The good parts and the not-so-good parts. And I'll cherish them as long as I have them. 

So for Father's Day I decided to write out just a few of the things that my dad has passed down to me on a card. But then I wanted to make one for my mom, too. So I did. 

You can take a guess at which card is for which parent. :) 

So here's to dad. Someone who honestly would have been happy if we just left him alone in a corner with a book on Father's Day, but didn't mind that instead we forced gifts on him. 

And here's to my mom and dad both. They've passed on so much to me that I'm eternally grateful for.

So, this was a little bonus post for the week. On Thursday I'll be back with some super cute moving announcements. See you then. :) 


  1. Love it Jenny!! Great job! You have pretty awesome parents!!

    1. Thanks, girl. I think so, too. :)