Thursday, September 12, 2013

End of Summer Fun

During a run last week, I officially saw leaves that had fallen off the trees. Summer is over. And I have to admit, I'm kind of sad.

Let me say this: I do absolutely LOVE fall. I love going to the apple orchard. I love the cooler weather. I love getting fall soaps and candles. I love that Luke gets all excited about football season and I get excited about making chili for him while he watches football, but then I only end up making it once.

But I just really enjoyed the summer, and so to preserve it for just a few minutes longer, I'm just rolling out some of the fun things that went on in August, which is by far my favorite month of the year. Here they are, in number order, just because I'm feeling chatty and because I like photo collages.

1. We took our annual anniversary photo on the docks in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Each year, this involves us asking some poor person just enjoying a walk on the docks to take a  picture of us, which I will promptly decide I don't like as much as the selfie we took two minutes before (except for year 2012, and that's only because my phone was stolen that had the selfie on it :)).

2. We stayed at our favorite B&B yet in Saugatuck - the Bellvedre Inn (it was Luke's pick this year and he totally wins). 

This place was so cool. It had a restaurant inside so we got a free 4-course meal with our stay. I had lobster tail and I'm not sorry.

3. We went to our first White Sox game.

At a Tigers game I at least know some of the players. I knew none at this game, but I enjoyed the conversation and the stadium's famous corn. 

4. We got to see the best friend and her man, and eat some of the best ice cream in Chicago.

This is my home when I come to Chicago. The last time I visited we watched a late night (who am I kidding? it was probably 10 PM) PBS special on ice cream shops. This time we went to a pretty darn good one. 

5. We went to the St. Louis Zoo.

This zoo is beautiful, y'all. And free. And my husband had a butterfly land on him in the butterfly house and he became a bit of an attraction in and of himself (seriously, people stopped to take pictures). 

6. We visited the Arch. 

The only bad thing about visiting the Arch was that there was a snake in the grass that my husband jokingly threatened to throw at me. I (not so jokingly) threatened to leave him if he did. (WE ARE STILL MARRIED, HUZZAH!)

7. We rode around the streets of St. Louis in a Cinderella Carriage (don't be jealous). 

At first we were like, "hmmm....I wonder how much for a normal carriage ride?" And then we saw the Cinderella Carriage. I commend the men for dealing with this whole situation pretty well. 

8. I traveled down to Tennessee to see the BFFs. 

We got to visit our old college and play with Rachael's little girl and run together and cry and laugh and it was the best time. It was a last minute trip that I am so so glad I made. 

Oh, man. My heart is full after this August. Luke and I have said several times that this was just a really good summer, and we are thankful. 

Thanks for reading. Sometimes it's just nice to document some memories here and I'm grateful that you stopped by. :)