Tuesday, September 3, 2013

John and Andrea's Wedding Invitations

A long time ago, we started playing volleyball with John, who I will from here on out call Palmer because that is his last name and that's what we call him. Palmer had this girlfriend that came to all of our games, but sat about 50 feet (I'm a horrible estimator, so my husband will probably correct me on that) away from us on a picnic table. We never talked, but she looked really athletic so I imagined that she just sat there and thought about what fools we looked like trying to play volleyball (spoiler alert: my game hasn't improved much since then). 

Since that time, Palmer's girlfriend, Andrea, began playing on our volleyball team, and come to find out, was an absolute delight to play with (which for me basically means she doesn't make fun of me too bad when I foot fault to lose the game, which by the way is a true story). Luke and I started to get to know Palmer and Andrea better and years later, they are our good friends. 

So many years later, when they got engaged and then came to me/were forced by my husband to use me for wedding invitations, I was completely glad to help them out. 

Here's what we came up with.

Andrea and Palmer wanted something nice and formal and simple. They thought a custom monogram would be an elegant touch, so we through a simple P together in an ornate frame.

Fonts are Trajan Pro and Hiatus.

The ecru invitation was backed with a nice subtle patterned paper. 

Everything that Palmer and Andrea's guests need to know is right on the back of their invitation. I love the simplicity of having guests RSVP to a website - I've noticed that several of my brides lately have chosen this option. It saves on postage and keeps the bulkiness of your invitation to a minimum.

We'll be gearing up for another volleyball season in November with these two, but first we're so happy to celebrate with them as they get married off!

Next week I'll be back with a starry night wedding invitation that I'm really excited about. :) Until then!

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