Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kim and Christopher's Purple Chevron Pocket Cards

So....let's get started with this year's wedding invitations, shall we?

These particular invites. They are easily one of my favorites so far.

From the moment I met with Kim, I knew she had a similar style to me when she told me that she was loving chevron and wanted to use it in her invitations. Since I'm definitely still riding the chevron train as long as I can, I was on board with her vision.

Let's get to it. Kim and Christopher's invites. :) 

On the front, we used an ombré chevron pattern (you can't really see the ombré in these pictures, but I promise it's there). We used Estilo for the block font and Allura for the script font.

And since Kim picked out these super cute pocket cards, when you turn the invitation over, there's so much more to see.

Tucked into the back are the accommodations and RSVP cards.

The texture of these cards...amazing, right?

Not only did Kim put accommodations on the insert card, she wanted to include the wedding website and even a wedding party app that their family and friends could download.

And then there's the cute little RSVP.

Weddings 2014 are officially kicked off and I've already done several invitations that I'm excited to show you. Stay tuned. :)

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