Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our Christmas Cards 2013

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I have to laugh because when I originally started writing this blog, it was intended to be shared on Christmas. I intended to do a lot of things during the Christmas season, which just did not happen (I'm sure you can relate).

But I did want to post quickly share our Christmas card this year, because I kind of loved them. So please enjoy the quick display of photos, with a couple of thoughts thrown in the mix. :)

We had a friend Kelli, from One Six Photo, come over to snap a few pictures of us. I loved the opportunity to have a few professional photos taken, for no good reason.

On the back, I wanted to have a little fun and let people know what we'd been up to this year.

Having our cat on there is kind of a joke...and kind of not. We're mildly obsessed with our cat, nbd.

If you didn't notice up top, this card is now for purchase in Vivian Elle's Etsy Shop. You can find the listing here.

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