Thursday, August 30, 2012

Amy and Mike's Wedding Suite

There's not much I can say about Amy that I haven't said before. She's probably been the person that's shown up the most on this blog - you may remember her from here, here, or here.

In addition to the things I've written about her on this blog, there are those stories about her that I've mentioned over and over in everyday conversation, like the time we truly became best friends after completely wiping out on rollerblades at the bottom of what didn't look like such a big hill while visiting my grandparents in Virginia. Or like how we make goals together every year. Or how she totally inspired me when I first started my business because of the business that she had already started.  Or how we rode on camels in Morocco together that one time (no big deal).

Basically, this bride might mean more to me than any other bride I've worked with so far. That's not to insult anyone else, she's just that fantastic.

The thing is, there's not a lot left unsaid between the two of us. Except for a little bit that I'm storing up for a very important day just over a month away. And as much as I'd like to declare to the world what an amazing friend/bride/basically my sister this girl is, I think it's more important that I save these things up for her wedding day when I'll talk about how much Amy (and that dude, Mike, that she's marrying) means to me.

But for now I can say one thing. From a business standpoint, she's a super easy bride (though she seemed to think she was high maintenance) and helped me design one of my favorite invites yet. The bonus has been seeing a style that I've known well for years now come out in her wedding invitation.

Amy and Mike are getting married at an inn on the west side of Michigan.  It's going to be a small affair where friends and family gather together for the weekend and basically a wedding happens in the middle of it. I truly cannot wait.

Amy and Mike went to visit said inn several months back now and Amy said that the thing you notice right away upon driving up is the rocking chairs on the large front porch. She wanted to incorporate this look into her wedding invitations, but not in a retirement home kind of way.

Here's hoping that worked...

(Kidding, Amy, it totally worked. These are so not "come to my retirement party" invites. Though if they were, I'd definitely want to go to that party.)

I feel like I love so many things about this invitation. I love the colors Amy picked - a deep purple and a color that Envelopments calls 'Green Tea'. I love the fonts she picked out - Gelato and Chapparal Pro.

I love the rocking chairs that we added a little heart to and I love that Amy wanted to add in the tiny tree at the bottom right hand side of the invitation.

But most of all I love that this invitation truly was created by both of us. There was a lot of back and forth emailing going on until we got it just right.

The invitation is a pocketfold. When you flip it over, the pocket holds up to three inserts.

Amy's inserts are a little different from what you usually see, which is another thing I love about these invites.

First we have the wedding timeline. Because this is a weekend full of events, Amy wanted her guests to know that there were several activities they could join in on.

Amy also decided to put all of her important information on their wedding website, so we just had a card that directed guests there.

We finished things off with the little RSVP card and featured the rocking chairs one more time on the envelope.

I feel like Amy could not have captured her wedding day more perfectly, and I haven't even attended the wedding yet. Knowing her low-maintenance self, we really will sit back, relax, and enjoy the weekend.

The icing on the cake? After Amy got her invitation, she snapped these pictures of it for me to use.

Best bride ever? I think so.

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  1. It's a little shameful how excited I was to read this post. I probably shouldn't be so into reading nice things that people say about me, but you my friend have truly made my day. And my invites! Which I LOVE. As you already know.

  2. Congratulations Amy! Your wedding weekend timeline looks like so much fun! I hope you have a glorious weekend. Jenny, these invites are beautiful. Please.

  3. I love this soo much! Amy...we're soo excited for you & so thankful to have gotten to know you through Jenny! I love the feeling the invites allude to & adore the timeline. Once again...brilliant job Jenny!