Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jenny and Derek's Wedding Invitations

Jenny and I went to college together. She was a year older than me and way cooler, but whatever.

After college, she roomed with one of my BFFs in Chattanooga and if there's one thing I that stuck out about her, it's that she has an amazing sense of style. Like, so amazing that I remember just walking around their apartment, taking pictures of all of the awesome ways that they decorated. 

So I considered it a huge compliment when Jenny called and asked me to do her wedding invitations. The fact that she looked at my stuff and thought it was cool made me a little bit giddy. 

Jenny wanted something very simple - she stressed this many times on the phone. No pocketfold, no inserts, not even an RSVP. She just wanted something that said, "hey, we're getting married. come celebrate." 

Besides the colors, Jenny also mentioned that she wanted some type of pattern on the side. She didn't specifically say what she wanted, but she mentioned that a West Elm-ish type pattern would be good. 

(Side note: gaining inspiration from West Elm is not even a job at all.)

So here's what we came up with. If I remember correctly, the pattern inspiration came from a pillow from West Elm (that I cannot for the life of me find on their site anymore). 

As I've mentioned before, I'm head over heals for the font that we used for the main wording of the invitation - Context Reprise Light. I also used Antipasto for Jenny and Derek's names and the modern little ampersand.

You may not have noticed the wording at the top - "We are in love & are getting married". I love the simplicity of that statement.

So that's it. This invitation wins the award for my most concise invitation of the year and I love it. Well done, Jenny.

Jenny might possibly be the lowest maintenance bride ever and I loved working with her. (I must interject here that I love all my brides and that none of them are high maintenance, but I honestly think Jenny and I exchanged a total of 8 emails during this whole process!)

Congratulations, Jenny and Derek! :) 


  1. This is the best looking "simple" invite I've ever seen! Great job, Jenny!!

  2. i love the "we are in love and getting married". precious.