Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mike and Jennifer's Wedding Extras

Doesn't it feel great to get things done? This week has been therapeutic for me as I've looked through my saved blog posts that have just been sitting there, waiting to be written. I've had the pictures ready, I just needed the content. And then this week I decided that it must be done. Now.

So I'm rolling out some wedding extras this week. Most of them will be pictures of real weddings. This one will not (forgive me). 

I did a few wedding extras for a couple named Mike and Jennifer last year. They were getting married in September and I designed their programs, favor cards, and cupcake cards. 

Their programs were very similar to Kendra's tri-fold programs from yesterday. 

We designed a little frame with the initial of their last name and carried the frame throughout their extras. 

I also did a little favor card that Mike and Jennifer put at each table, letting their guests know that they made a donation to a charity in lieu of a wedding favor. 

I love that they selected a folded card. No need to buy holders - these guys stand up themselves. 

But the thing I loved most from their wedding were these adorable cupcake cards. 

I'm pretty sure they were so adorable because of the delicious looking cupcakes inside of those frames.

I loved them so much it warranted an entire photo shoot with them.

After working on these, I marched myself right to Just Baked and indulged in a Chubby Hubby cupcake of my own. It seemed like the right thing to do.

More wedding extras to come tomorrow!

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