Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

We interrupt all of the wedding extras talk to bring a little love to you this Valentine's Day.

My husband, Luke, and I don't necessarily do anything huge for Valentine's Day (though we do head to our favorite Bed and Breakfast over our mid-winter break, which usually lands right around it), but we do try to show our love and affection for each other in some way. This year, he's given me a little gift for the last week leading up to today, which has been a sweet surprise and something fun to look forward to each day when I come home. So the least I could do was make him a card, right?

If there's one thing I've learned about Luke through the years, it's that he's huge on words of affirmation. So I try to always remember to show him love by telling him what I love about him instead of just keeping those thoughts in my head. He's also the most social person I know, so publicly declaring my love for him puts the biggest smile on his face. 

(Seriously, I know that when he reads this sentence, he will have a huge smile on his face.)

So here's my Valentine's Day Card from this year. I'm happy to say, it did make Luke smile. 

The front's just a generic greeting. 

I kicked it up a notch on the back by listing some of my favorite things about Luke and adding a little picture of us. 

Warning - you are about to be a witness to a shameless plug. 

You, too, can have a personalized "My favorite things about you" card from my etsy shop! Just click here to go directly to the listing. It's as easy as purchasing the listing and sending me your info. 

But...if you'd just like a free download, I can hook you up with that, too. 

Click on the picture, save it, and you're all set. It's set up to be printed as a 5x7. :) 
Happy Valentine's Day!

(If you'd like to see last year's Valentine's card - click here.)

I've linked up to a blog for the first time ever today, and I don't even know if I should have (since what I did is not exactly a craft, I guess.) But who doesn't want a free printable, right? Enjoy!


  1. I love this card!! Thanks for te free printable!

  2. I love love! Any love! I also had the biggest smile on my face reading this!

    1. Haha...I'm so glad! Can't you just see Luke's grin?? :)

  3. Brilliant, my friend...just brilliant! <3 Heidi